Robert Babicz/Germany; Gui Boratto/Brasil; Mario Masullo/Italy; Tchorta Boratto/Brasil;  Dan D’Ascenzo (LeftRight Audio)/Belgium; Christoph Haas/Germany; Mike Buhl/Melbourne; Manuel Kern/Berlin; Heinz Neumann/Munich;    Max Dingel(The Killers,The White Noise)UK; Ramon Rainha/Brasil; Vincent Helbers (Flowriders Studio/Amsterdam);  Rico The Wizzard(Daft Punk,The Weeknd);


IN L  : 3 x SUB-D25 (IN/1-8 & IN/9-16 & IN/17-24), transf.-balanced / IN R : 3 x SUB-D25 (IN/1-8 & IN/9-16 & IN/17-24), transf.-balanced/
L&R OUT “A” : XLR transf.-balanced, L&R OUTPUT “B” : XLR transf.-balanced / OUTPUT MODE SWITCH :  “A” / “A”+“B”
GAIN L&R Potentiometer / FINE GAIN R&L Potentiometer,
 Comm. to GND  Switch  ON/OFF,
Adjustable VU-Meters,
Power Switch  ON/OFF
External PS 100-240VAC - 24VDC/1A included,
€ 2.790,- +19% Tax without VU-Meters
€ 2990,-  +19% Tax with L&R VU-Meters or peakmeter PPM30

# Built with hand-selected NOS resistors for excellent dynamic range and very special vintagecolour-sound
#High-quality hand-selected capacitors

# Available w. 16, 24, 32, 48 inputs

# Fully discreet, Class-A

# Very rare vintage audio transformers, great saturation

#W=19”, H=2HE, D=25cm, Weight=7kg

# Standard External Power Supply
   100-230AC / 24 VDC included

# Hand-crafted and hand-wired

# 10 years guarantee!



INPUT L : SUB-D25 (IN/1-8), 4 x XLR (IN/9-12) transf.-balanced
INPUT R : SUB-D25 (IN/1-8), 4 x XLR (IN/9-12) transf.-balanced
L&R OUTPUT : XLR transformer-balanced
GAIN L&R, FINE GAIN Potentiometer,
Comm. to GND Switch ON/OFF,
Power Switch : ON/OFF
External PS 100-240VAC - 24VDC/1,1A included

€ 2.190,- + 19% Tax

Mastered with SUMP 24SE

Mixed and mastered with SUMP 24SE

©  2009 Robert Babicz

© 2009 Robert babicz

Mixed and mastered with SUMP 24SE

Mastered with SUMP 24SE
© 2009 Timo Maas

“Liquid dream”
Mixed and mastered with SUMP 24SE
© 2009 Robert Babicz

Mixed and mastered with SUMP 24SE
© 2009 Robert Babicz

© 2009 Robert Babicz



INPUT L : SUB-D/25 (IN 1-8) transformer-balanced
INPUT R : SUB-D/25 (IN 1-8) transformer-balanced
L&R OUTPUT : XLR transformer-balanced
Power Switch ON/OFF
External PS 100-240VAC - 24VDC/1,1A included

€ 1.990,- +19% Tax


Customers with valid EU tax Nr. and outside EU tax free!



I have been using the SUMP in many ways in my studio. I use it on the main bus from my SSL 4000, I use it with recording. On the main bus it makes everything sound more 3D, it enhances the low end and it makes the high end sound fresher and sweeteer. With recording I use it to get extra saturation or depth. I love the sound of the SUMP!
Vincent Helbers, Flowriders studio / Rosie Ntjam, Richard Spaven, Ruth Koleva, Renee Neufville etc....

“Hey Mitch! I ’ve just tried your machine :  amazing , I really love it , the sound is great!” 
Rico The Wizzard /Daft Punk , The Weeknd

This summing-box has a special colouring which reminds of the old tube radio´s sound. The signal seems to be three-dimensional with well marked middles. Regardless of the instrument or voice that passes will be more plastic, deeper and more human. It´s ideally suited for mastering when using it as stereo line-amp for the final sound.

The input connectors are freely selectable: symmetric 6,3mm jacks, symmetric XLR´s or symmetric SUB-D/25pin wired according to the Tascam norm (Apogee,Digidesign etc.).

Built fully discreet of picked out and hand-selected components incl. a 24VDC external power supply.

Due to the difficult acquisition of the original vintage components, the delivery can last up to 8 weeks.

Robert Babicz @ RB Studio

The masterbus is the most important and, at the same time, the weakest point of a mixer. While the OP-Amps of one channel intensify relatively (in their composition) easy signals, a sum amp has to handle the complete mixture very precisely and highly musically, and has to hand it down loss-free to the following recorder.

To build a hum-free sum amp with a linear frequence response from 20Hz to 20kHz and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, does not pose a problem today. If you look at the technical informations of all mixer manufacturers, these are equivalent - regardless of the price range. But when the frequence response or the OP’s slew-rate does not reveal much of the sum’s sound - what is it down to, that certain consoles have an excellent sound and others not?

The secret of a good summing amp (that’s the way I think about it) lies in the best possible managment of the electric energy. In order to achieve it, selected and valueable components are the only road to succes. Each single component has to be chosen carefully. This procedure is very time-consuming and thus in series production plain and simply unrealisable.

All Electric Lane equipment is carefully done by hand. The designs will be built trafo-balanced and discreetly - true to the motto: the final sound is more important than the very purpose of the studio machine!

Hi Mitch,
After having had the pleasure to use the ElectricLane SUMP here is my observation. I’'m totally shocked on how good this thing sounds,
it does some real magic  to my audio signal..It exhibits a kind of glue and 3-dimensional effect to the audio passing through it, it massages your audio in a delicious  way, boosting it while preserving transients and this without any harsh  distortion at all. There must be some kind of magic elves inside this box doing the hard work, i'm sure.. Pandora's Magic Box! Highly recommended.

Kind regards, Dimitri

Analogue Discreet Class-A Custom Summing-Amplifier

I bought few month ago a summing box from a nice guy (Mitch) in Germany. It´s custom handcrafted for me, rare vintage transformers...100% analog. I can only recommend it, so amazing it sounds! All elements are fat, present, much energy comes out from this box.. I had the chance to compare it with other analog boxes (Neve, Dangerous...). They are ok, but nothing compared to this!
Dan D’Ascenzo, Left&Right Audio

Nochmals besten Dank für deine tolle Restaurationsarbeiten an den Klein und Hummel UE100. Ich bin äusserst zufrieden mir den EQ, du hast einen fantastischen Job gemacht..Der absolute Hammer fürs Mastering und Mixing. Das warten hat sich wirklich gelohnt.  Viele Gruesse und bleib gesund!
Sascha Enders Mastering, CH

Thank you so much, I´m very very very happy! I hope you enjoyed Paris a little bit.
I hope to see you next time, I´ll could buy another...
Greaty respect my friend.

Rico The Wizzard / Daft Punk, The Week´nd

Hi mitch !  How are you ?  I wish you happy new year, with a lot of delay !!!  Rico gave me your summing mixer (SUMP 24SE-16)  It´s awesome !!!  I´m frustated since i don´t have the Neve everyday and now... wow !! Your summing is so cool !  I love it !  Just a question, what the switch in the middle do exactly ? Big big thanks Mitch !  Hope to see you soon !
 Florent Jedwab / France